David Letterman is Kissing Ass

A running joke on Late Night with David Letterman while President Bush was in office was “Great Moments in Presidential Speeches”. These jokes were setup with a couple of famous presidential speeches and then the punchline was President Bush bumbling over something. Great stuff, everybody laughs.

Now we have President Obama, a great speaker as long as the teleprompter is working. One would think that Letterman wouldn’t pass up a chance for some easy jokes here would you? Well until last night there have been no jokes on this, and even then Letterman couldn’t follow through on the gag.

Letterman setup the gag with talking about how people have been complaining about President Obama uses a teleprompter, and making a snide remark at those same people. So Letterman decided to do a “Teleprompter, No Teleprompter” skit. Starts of with President Obama giving a speech, and very well as he does when reading from a screen. Next is the No teleprompter part. Should be an easy one, lots of clips of President Obama doing the stumble-fumble with his words. What do we get, President Bush fumbling over words.

I’m guessing that Letterman wants to be like Jay Leno and have the President on his show too. Making fun of the Chosen One is a probably not a way to make that happen. In the past Letterman has made fun of  a certain ex-President and how they pronounced the word “nuclear”. Time will tell if we will get jokes about “orion”. My bet is that not as long as Letterman has lip balm.

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