Some Tips For Beginners to Hold’em

Not going to cover starting hand requirements, but some general things where I see beginners make mistakes:

Not Aware of Position

Position is huge in hold’em (any poker game really). Being the last to act gives you a chance to see how the table is responding to the cards on the table. Likewise having to act early is a disadvantage, you don’t have a chance to see how the others will respond to the cards on the table.

Being A Calling Station

Sometimes calling is good, you have a drawing hands and have good odds to call or trying to trap an opponent when you have what you think is the best hand. In these situations you know why you are calling. If you are calling because you are holding an ace or just want to see the next card then let me know where you play. I could use the money.

Overvaluing Your Hand

Usually done when holding an ace or suited cards. Suited connectors can be good hands to play, 10-6 suited is a pretty crappy hand. Holding a hand of A-6 is likewise a pretty bad hand. There are times to play hands like this based on position, table image,  and stack size to name a few. Too many beginners play these hands too often.

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