That’s Poker

Playing in a single Sit and Go on Pokerstars (9 players) and made it to the bubble. For those that don’t know a 9 person SnG pays the top 3 so when 4 people are left you are on the bubble. Great time to be aggressive and steal chips as many people tighten up just to make the money.

I’m in the BB abd get dealt As 7s. Not the greatest hand but good one on the bubble. Folds around to the SB that min raises to $200. The SB has been a losse cannon, making lots of calls with very poor hands but sucking out at the end (this is called foreshadowing). Uusally when he has been doing this so far he has been playing a hand with an ace. I make the call and hope for a good flop.

Flop comes 2 spades (8 and 6)  and a heart (k). The SB over bets the pot to $1100 and now I ‘m pretty darn sure he is holding an ace and making a steal play. I re-raise all-in and he makes the call. His hand is the Ad 2H. I was right on his hand. So I’m looking for any spade and he needs to catch a duece.

Turn brings an Ah, good card for me. Now a spade or any card lower then a 7 and I win the pot. A 2 gives him the pot, any other card and we split. Looking good for me.

The river of course is a 2. I bust out on the bubble. He had 3 outs on the river and caught one. That’s poker.

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