The Government Knows Best

So now the Government thinks it should set the wages for companies that have received capital investment from the US Government. This is making a bad idea worse.

The original bad idea was bailing out many of these companies instead of letting the market deal with it, as it was. If that meant some companies have to enter into bankruptcy then then is what they do. Capitalsim actually works pretty well except when the Government thnks it knows better. Don’t forget the Government had a big hand in causing the current economic situation.

Giving the power to one group, the Treasury Department, to decide exactly how much each person in a company should get paid is insane. So the Treasury Department decides wages are to high at company A, what will the best and brightest workers do? Try to get a job at company B of course. So you end up losing your best people, the ones you want in a recovery, because some yahoo decides he knows what wage is “the best”.

Welcome to socialism, leave your freedom at the door.

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