Earth Day Nuttiness is Starting

Jean Weiss posted a column on the MSN Living Green web site warning us about the effects of global warming due to us terrible humans. Weiss never said terrible humans but I’m sure the thought was there.

Someone should ask Weiss what the planet temperature has done during the last decade. If the answer is other then “cooled” break out the wet noodles and start doing some slapping. Back before Al Gore started his campaign on global warming the planet was already cooling. These type of people never let data get in way of their agenda.

I would next ask what the data shows on the correlation between carbon dioxide levels and the planet temperature. Knowing that data won’t get in their way, the answer would be CO2 causes the planet to get warmed. The actual data shows that there is no correlation between CO2 levels and the planet temperature, Oddly enough the data does show a relationship between the planet temperature and solar activity. The more solar activity the higher the temperature.

We should do our best to not pollute, but when it comes to policy decisions they should be based on sound science. I know President Obama has promised to return science to the decision making process but I’ll bet it will be “science” that supports the agenda of the left.

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