Global Cooling?

For those paying attention, there was an article released by the AP earlier this week in regards to global warming, or is it global cooling? The lead paragraph starts off as such:

“The sun has been unusually quiet lately, with fewer sunspots and weaker magnetic fields than in nearly a century. A quiet sun is good for Earth: GPS systems are more accurate, satellites stay in orbit longer; even the effects of manmade global warming are marginally reduced, though just by three-tenths of a degree at most.”

Looking at this paragraph, my first question is what are the effects of manmade global warming? Don’t hold your breath for an answer for if you ask one of the Gore crowd how much warming is due to natural causes and how much to man, you’ll get a rambling speech akin to President Obama speaking without a teleprompter, but no hard facts.  Not even any semi-hard facts.

Interesting enough the Powerline Blog in a March 22, 2009 post discussed global temperatures. In this post was a slide from Don Easterbrook that shows a direct correlation between global temperatures and solar activity but no correlation between global temperatures and carbon dioxide.  Another interesting slide in this blog shows that the Earth is in fact cooling during the last decade and not warming. Someone should alert Al Gore.

The AP article also makes a comment about the temperature changing only “by three-tenths of a degree.”The AP seems to want to just dismiss this temperature change as being no big deal. The AP seems to have forgotten that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had projected the temperature warming by the same amount per year for the next decade. Projections of a wamring caused mass panic in many while these same people will be dismissive of the planet cooling by the same amount. Al Gore wasn’t as drastic, he only said the planet was going to warm by .12 degrees per year over the next 91 years.

The issue people like Gore have with the planet cooling instead of warming is that it cuts into their money stream. Gore will have a hard time selling carbon credits through his company if people catch on that the planet is cooling.

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