Jon Stewart Is An Idiot

I pretty much had that opinion of him already. He is a comedian that wants to be taken seriously. Stick to comedy Jon. His latest is that Truman is  a war criminal for dropping the bomb on Japan.

Jon, you need to do some research intot his area before you go and make statements like that. I would start with the book Code Name: Downfall. As for your statement we should have dropped the bomb out in the ocean then threaten Japan to surrender or else. Lets examine history. We dropped it on a city and Japan did not surrender. We had to drop it on another city and then they believed us. Now you could argue that if we had dropped it in the ocean first then perhaps we might have only had to destroy one city. That would be a valid argument to make. It tends to go go against all military strategy for winning a war dating back hundreds of years, but we could debate that at least.

But to flat out say Truman was a war criminal due to dropping the bomb shows how far off the cliff he left has gone these days.

UPDATE: Jon Stewart has since apologized for saying President Truman is a war crimnal.

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