On The Twitter Worm

First, are the people doing security at Twitter idiots? This type of attack is well known and never should have happened. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about Computer World has an article on this worm.

Next the worm writer, one Michael “Mikeyy” Mooney, deserves to be punished. His attitude is what really bugs me:

“I feel pretty bad about it, but it’s not me that left the vulnerability out in the open,”

True, can I use an excuse like that if I break into his home? “Hey, I’m not the one that left his home vulnerable, he should have installed bars on the windows and an alarm system.”

As for punishment. Jail isn’t a good option for crimes like this. Twitter should figure out how much it cost them to clean up this mess. Just clean up not fixing, and Mooney should be fined that amount. If he doesn’t have the money then community service at minimum wage till he pays it off. If Mooney thinks this is unfair then give him an option of  jail time.

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