Rock, Paper, Scissors

You may remember this childhood game: Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. Over on 2+2 poker forums this topic came up in regards to it being n a chapter in a book by Arnold Snyder called Poker Tournament Formula. In the book Synder related this to poker in the following manner: Position beats cards, stack beats position, and cards beat stack. In general I think he is correct and will look at it here.

Position beats cards should be obvious. Position is big in poker as being the last to act gives you a chance to gauge how everything reacts to a flop (talking hold’em). Given your read of the players and the texture of the flop you can use your position to win a pot with a hand that is probably beat if everyone showed their cards.

How stack beats position is also pretty obvious when you think about it. If I have to act first thus having worse position I can counter the position by either getting all of my chips into the middle or making a big enough raise where if a late position caller makes the call I know they are pretty much pot committed, or even makes me pot committed.  This can work if you are either short stack at the table or have the big stack. I see it often where people don’t know how to use their chip stack at the table. Fine with me, makes it easier to get their chips.

As to cards beating stacks, well the best hand wins. If short-stacked and the big stacks are being chip aggressive yo just need the best hand to win.

Being short stacked can actually be the trump card for a player. If you get short-stacked and the blinds are high relative to your stack position and stack size, and even cards are not going to matter.  You are just looking for a good spot to shove all of your chips into the middle and hope for the best

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