Seattle Seahawks and the Upcoming NFL Draft

I can see three main areas where I think the Seattle Seahawks need help:

  1. Quarterback
  2. Offensive line
  3. Defensive backs

I thought of adding tight end in there but I think they will be set there. The above is in the order I think the Seahawks should draft.

Matt Hasselbeck is going to really start to show his age. He’ll probably make it through this season, maybe next, but the Seahawks better have a plan. They should draft Mark Sanchez from USC to be Hasselbeck’s replacement. He has a good arm, and even ore important seems to show good “smarts” on the field. Get him now and give him a chance to learn the offense before tossing him into the ring.

For the other two positions the Seahawks should go with the best available at that time. I would love to see them get a great tackle but with a second pick it will most likely be a good tackle, unless they their second pick and something else to move up.

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