Self Defense The Wrong Way

I’ve done instruction for handgun safety and personal proection, part of a concealed firearms permit in the state where I live. A misconception that some people would have in the class, and one I still see nowadays is that carrying a firearm somehow makes them safer. I want to try and burst that bubble.

Carrying a firearm can be useful tool in defending yourself IF you can bring it into action. Too many people walk around with their heads up their ass and don’t pay attention to the surroundings and thus missing the cues that their could be trouble. Recognizing these cues and help you either avoid or defuse the situation. Predators tend to want an easy target. If you don’t look like an easy target chances are they will avoid. Learn to recognize the cues that they give you. Study the thinking patterns of these type of people and you’ll lots in this area. If that fails know how to attempt to defuse the situation via your posture and language. Hand in hand with this is fear management techniques.

Now those fail and an attack is launched against you, what are you going to do? Many say “draw my firearm and shoot them” which shows a lack of knowledge in what is going to happen in a fight. Action beats reaction, the attacker is acting and you are reacting, unless you were aware enough to get in a first strike such as an eye poke or a palm to their face. The only way you’ll know how to strike first or to defend yourself to give you a chance to draw a firearm is through hand to hand combat training.

Drawing a firearm from concealment is a complex motor skill which is difficult to do under stress unless you really really practice it a lot. Go with the gross motor skills such as palm and elbow strikes to allow yourself to get clear of the attack in order to either get away or then draw a firearm. Just my thoughts on the matter.

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