Where is the Outrage?

Liberals never left a chance slip to reign hell upon the Bush administration. Any perceived infringement upon our rights would groups like Moveon.org mounting their saddles and rounding up the wagons. So where are they now that the Obama administration has advocated the banning of political books?

If you are not familiar with the case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission centers around a film, “Hillary: The Movie”, which is done as a documentary style movie. The film was deemed to violate campaign finance laws, laws which seek to make sure no one says anything that could upset those in power. While we could debate if the campaign finance laws are constitutional, the real worry should be centered around comments made by the deputy solicitor general, Malcolm Stewart.

Stewart was asked the Court if the ban on movies and ads could be extended to other media such as books. Stewart’s reply should send a shiver down your spine: “if the book contained the functional equivalent of express advocacy” for a candiate then it could be banned. The rider on this would be if the book was supported with corporate money. Last time I checked book publishers were corporations, which means expressing an advocacy could amount to mentioning support for a candiate just once in the biggest tome.

Now extend the concept to newspapers. Outside of some local newspapers, corporations own newspapers. Would this mean that a newspaper could no longer endorse a candidate? The Bill of Rights be damned it seems under the current administration.

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