Another Example of Congress Being Stupid

Lucky for, and I would thus say say unlucky for us, finding examples of Congress acting in a stupid way is easy to do. The latest is members of Congress deciding they know best how a national champion for college football should be determined. The source for this is a senator from some state that is ticked off because the college team from his state wasn’t in the championship game.

If one stops and thinks about the important issues out there that Congress should be focusing upon, I doubt determining a college football national champion is going to make the top ten list. It wouldn’t even make it on my list at all as I don’t see where Congress has the power to muddle in this area. I think we need a Constitutional Amendment that states that at the start of each day that Congress is in session, each attending member of Congress has to stand up and recite Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. And I mean one by one. Lets hear that recited 100 teams each day when the Senate is seated, 435 in the house.

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