I Wonder If He Said That About President Bush

Tony Bennett, a great singer and performer, displays he isn’t that great at understanding politics and economics. Bennet recently made this statement CNSNews.com:

“I love everything he’s done and everything he’s doing,” Bennett said of Obama. “I think we should give him all-out support for anything he wants to do. We should all help. He’s giving our country back to us, and that’s the laws of the land – the citizens own the country.”

I won’t knock Bennett for loving everything President Obama has done, that comes down to your personal preferences in politics. As for giving the country back to us and who owns this country, Bennett needs to do a little thinking. If anything, the government is taking more from us, not giving back to us. One could agree with Bennett in that citizens own the country, the devil in the details is in which country. Headed down the path the US is currently headed I would say it is going to be China.

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