Pocket Aces

I see way too many posts where people talk about how often they lose with pocket aces, how terrible of a hand it is, blah, blah, blah. What it usually boils down to is how they play the hand. For me I love pocket rockets as according to my database of hand histories it is my biggest winning hand by far.

The most common way people get into trouble with A’s is they slow play them. Now there is a time for slow playing such as you have a loose aggressive person acting after you that always raises, great time for a check raise there. Another case would be heads-up and you are mixing up your play. Slow playing A’s with a lot of people in the pot is just going to get you into trouble. Think about it, unless you get a great flop leaving you a closed end straight draw or a nut flush draw, you are pretty much hoping an ace hits. When you miss these conditions and you have 4 or 5 other people in the pot there is a good chance someone else hit something. So you ended up tossing chips into the pot where you probably have to fold if someone comes out aggressive post flop.

This brings up the next way people get into trouble with aces, they can’t get away from the hand. Unless you are going to try and bluff someone out of the pot what will you do if someone gets aggressive? What if someone raises, they get re-raised, and then it comes to you where the flop missed you? Still going to play them aces? Too many people do and lose too much money.

Aces aren’t a miracle hand, like any other hand in poker you have to know how to play them.

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