Why Am I Putting Money Into The Pot?

In this case I’m talking about playing No Limit Hold’em (NLH). Other then when posting the blinds or antes, you should be asking yourself this before tossing chips into the pot. If calling, why are you calling and what will you do if someone raises? If raising, why are you raising and how will you handle X number of callers or a re-raise?

Pre-flop (PF), the absolute worse reason to place chips into the pot is because you want to see a flop. Great, you want to see a flop. So if someone re-raises do you still want to see the flop? When you do see the flop how are you planning to proceed if the flop hits or misses you? Did you factor in how many people are also seeing the flop and what possible hands they may have?

Right up there for a bad reason for placing chips into the pot is you want to see where you are at in the hand. If everyone folds that tells you that everyone else thought you had the best hand or they weren’t getting pot odds to call you for their drawing hand (you did take pot odds into consideration before betting didn’t you?). Now change it to where you get a caller. Do they have you beat? Are they on a draw? Are they bluffing and looking to raise you on the turn? How about if someone raises your bet, do they have the best hand? Are they bluffing? Do they think you are bluffing and playig back at you? Do they thik your bet was an attempt to see where you are at in the hand?

The key takeaway is to know why you are putting chips into the pot and how you will proceed based on the what the table does. Never chip yourself to death, unless you are playing with me at a table.

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