Yes, Stars Are That Stupid

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are threatening to leave Twitter. Why oh why you may ask? Well the question I first asked is why would someone join Twitter in the first place, but the reason Kutcher gives is that if Twitter goes ahead with the development of a television series. Why is this bad? It seems the  stars in question see this as an unfair intrusion into their life’s.

Okay, stop laughing now. These two created accounts, post to them, and they are afraid of an unfair intrusion into their life’s? Kutcher, Moore, you two made your lifes public and relish the attention, and the money it brings. Which is what I think is the heart of the matter, they won’t be able to control the cash flow from a Twitter television series, mainly the flow into their own accounts.

Simple rule to live by: If you don’t want your private life made public then start by not twitting your lifes to the web. What a couple of twits.

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