Paper Tiger Black Belts

Today in karate class we focused mainly on boxing techniques, grappling, and some basic escape techniques from a grappler. Being an early morning Saturday class there was only 3 students in the class. One of the students was a teenager and he has pretty good karate skills, he even is part of demo team. During this session he was struggling quite a bit as these were not your typical karate type of techniques. At the end of the class he commented on how we struggled and was frustrated as he usually picks up things easily. Our instructor’s response? “Hey, I don’t want any paper tiger black belts.”

What he meant by this is that he wants his students to be well rounded. Not just in karate but also as a fighter. He wants to make sure that if the worse thing happens on the street that we are able to protect yourself. That should be the point of any martial arts school. If your students, especially at the black belt, lack the skills to adequatly protect themsleves on the street then how good is your martial arts?

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