What Government Ran Health Can Mean For Us

Mark Steyn posted an article about how great government run health care is working in other countries.

In a government system, the decisions are the bureaucrats’, and that’s that. My father is currently ill, and the health “system” is doing its best to ensure it’s fatal. When an ambulance has to be called, they take him to a different hospital according to the determinations of the bed-availability bureaucrats and which facility hasn’t had to be quarantined for an infection outbreak. At the first hospital, he picked up C Difficile. At the second, MRSA. At the third, like the lady above, he got septicaemia. He’s lying there now, enjoying the socialized health care jackpot — C Diff, MRSA, septicaemia. None of these ailments are what he went in to be treated for. They were given to him by the medical system.

Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t it? Don’t worry, just part of the treatment…

George Will and John Stossel offer their commentaries on what government ran health care means for us.


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