Cash For Clunkers

If you haven’t heard about this program then you shouldn’t be voting. The basis of the program is you can get up to $4500 by trading in your old vehicle towards a new vehicle which gets better gas mileage. One of those nice, happy, lets hug each other programs the government loves spending your money on.

Never forget this, it is our money helping someone purchase a new vehicle. So far about about one billion dollars and continuing to grow. The first question we should ask is does the government have the power to do such a thing? I fail to see where this falls under any of the powers granted to Congress in the Constitution, not that ever stops Congress. Next we should ask is this the best use of our money? Lets see, the government is talking about the missile defense program by over one billion dollars but has the money to help Joe Blow purchase a new vehicle?  Misplaced priorities in my opinion.

President Obama talks about wanting to provide relief to the people that need it. Increasing the debt of the government via unconstitutional programs that really aren’t needed isn’t going to help.

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