How to Not Win Friends and Influence People

Recently I’ve been learning more about Crossfit, and getting more involved in their fitness philosophy. Part of doing this I’ve been reading their message board. People ask questions, other people answer them, all a good way of learning. However, on any message board, Crossfit and others, you will run into the arrogant assholes (AA). I do think the Crossfit boards have a slightly higher percentage of these then other boards. Hey if people feel strongly about something that attitude can come out. I wish to point out one here and add my comments.

A young man by the man of Alec Sean Kellsh posted a message asking about squat depth. Good question, and one that could bring a wide variety of answers. His question was based on what his coach for cross-country told him to do, which is different then what Crossfit tends to say. In doing a little research his coaches advice matches what I found as a suggested way of doing squats as a way to improve your running. What caught my eye in this thread was aposting by one Andrew H. Meador. His reply? “Tell him to kill himself.” Andrew of course was referring to the coach.

Now one could take this as being a sarcastic reply. I know I’ve made my share of sarcastic replies and sarcasm doesn’t always come out well on the Internet. But Andrew clarified things a little later by stating “In the quoted post above my tone was more appropriate for other forums – CF’s is more family-oriented, so for that I’m sorry.”

So he isn’t sorry for making such a statement but rather for making it in a family friendly forum. No doubt Andrew went to the other forum where he could bash the coach all to pieces and state how any male children should be castrated to prevent the gene pool from getting dirty.

Andrew may be a real knowledgeable guy when it comes to Crossfit, but for me him being an AA means I’ll pretty much ignore anything he says. I’ve seen other posts by him and Andrew being an AA is pretty much a typical thing. So for others out there, when you want to sway an argument try doing so via reasoning and logic, not by being an AA.


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