Rush and the NFL

As many of you know, Rush Limbaugh was denied a bid to become a part owner of a NFL football team. Reading and hearing the attacks that came out against Rush it was truly a great example of what the liberals in this country have to offer: lies.

To be fair, some of the statements that the left attributed to Rush were not lies, but taken out of context Looking at 10 words that someone says without looking at the 200 he said leading up to those 10 can lead to a misunderstanding. But the lies, and spread by the main stream media such as CNN were a good (or is it bad?) example of what the “fourth pillar of government” has become. Fact checking is too much to ask for I guess asking to do a little checking is asking too much.

What in the end makes this funnier is some of the people allowed to represent the NFL or comment upon the NFL. Keith Olberman is one of the biggest racist out there but is the NFL worries about the imagine he brings to the NFL? Convicted felon Michael Vick? No worries again? Any of the players busted for doing drugs, dealing drugs, shooting people, etc? No again, not an issue for the NFL. Only issue is being a conservative.

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