Scozzafava Endorses Democrat

Dede Scozzafava, after backing out of the District 23 race in New York, has opted to back the Democratic candidate Bill Owens instead of Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman.

Scozzafava was the GOP choice, even though she had a left leaning platform. When she stepped aside the GOP platform shifted their support to Hoffman, but Scozzafava went with her heart and is backing Owens.

The GOP got themselves into this mess by backing Scozzafava to begin with. Not all Republicans were backing her and some were backing Hoffman from the start. But in one of those ways the GOP likes to shoot themselves in the foot it went with a weak candidate whom they believed had a better chance of being elected then with the more principled candidate.

Scozzafava fits in better with the Democratic party and I hope she leaves the Republicans and joins them. She could take my Senators, Snowe and Collins, with her too.

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