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Combat Focus Shooting by Rob Pincus

Monday, January 25th, 2010

As a NRA certified handgun safety instructor I’m always on the lookout for material to present to students that goes beyond the text. While mainly focused on safety I do cover some defensive use of handguns. The most recent book I read to expand my knowledge is Combat Focus Shooting: Intuitive Shooting Fundamentals by Rob Pincus. In his book Pincus covers areas that many other authors have also covered but two things stood out for me in reading his book.

In going through his book the first thing that struck me was Pincus’s writing style. A good writer, especially on a technical subject, needs to break down the information so that it can be absorbed by the reader that may not have as much technical knowledge as the author. Pincus fulfilled this requirement quite well. Many times during the book I could instantly visualize the point Pincus was making. Pincus also kept things short and to do the point. I’ve seen some authors go through pages upon pages explaining shooting stances where Pincus covers it in a few pages, including explaining why you want to use this stance

The other area that stood out for me is the intuitive part of the book. Pincus has examined what your body wants to do in a stressful situation and using that as a starting point for his system. Those familiar with Tony Blauer’s S.P.E.A.R. System will recognize this approach. I’ve been through training classes before where the instructor has drilled us on what to do, but not explaining always why we want to do this. Examining what your mind and body want to do and building your system around is a big selling point to me. Those that rather fight what your body wants to do may not agree with me on this point.

Overall I came away with some good information to share in my classes and will suggest Pincus’s book to those in my class. If you have an interested in self-defense usage of a handgun and looking to learn more then Pincus’s book should be on your reading list.


Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

President Obama calls the Supreme Court ruling easing campaign spending by corporations and labor unions “devastating”. Easing restrictions on free speech is devastating? Saying that the First Amendment protects political free speech for all Americans is devastating?

Funny how it is the Democrats, those that want to stand up for the rights of the people find this “devastating”.

Scott Brown Wins

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Scott Brown wins Ted Kennedy’s old seat in the Senate despite the best efforts of the Democratic Party machine to smear him every way they could. Some of the Democrats were even comparing the frustration that people were feeling and thus turning to Brown as Bush’s fault. It would have been a huge surprise for Brown to lose this race given the lack of competence his opponent demonstrated.

Now though the Democrats are tripping over themselves to say he should be seated right away. No dummies, they know the people are pissed off at the people in charge (Democrats) and they don’t want to fan those flames and see huge losses. That still hasn’t stopped some Democrats from saying their lose in this election was due to people still being angry at Bush. One word to dscribe those people: Idiots.