And in the Things That Don’t Make Sense Category

Just got a new car a couple of weeks ago (2010 Hyundai Accent for those interested) and how to go through the whole insurance process. While doing this I took a look at my driving record the insurance company was using to rate me (provided by them). Two speeding tickets, and one at fault accident for under $1000. Something didn’t seem right there. The speeding tickets were legit, but the accident was one where I was stopped at a light and someone rear-ended me, and ended up having my car totaled. I was trying to figure out how that was me being at fault for under $1000 so I called my agent.

My agent went over things and said yes, that didn’t make sense and he would contact the issuing insurance company (Progressive). A couple of  hours later I hear back from him and the verdict was it is cheaper to have an “at-fault” accident on my record then a no-fault one. So somehow it makes more economic sense for the insurance company to list me as being fault instead of not being at fault? I’m still puzzling over that logic.

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