Saving Private Ryan

Many people are familiar with the excellent Tom Hank’s movie Saving Private Ryan. If you haven’t seen this movie then I highly suggest that you watch it, the opening battle scene is probably one of the most realistic you’ll see in the movies.

What you may not know is “Saving Private Ryan” is one of the drills covered in Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) training offered by Blauer Tactical Systems. This drill re-enacts a scene from the movie where an American and German soldiers engage in hand to hand combat with the outcome determined by the one holding the knife. In the PDR drill you practice the principles of the SPEAR System defending against a knife attack with you on the ground and the attacker on top, never a good situation to find yourself.

The purpose of the drill is show the student the strength of the SPEAR, and how by using this a smaller person can hold off an attack by a larger aggressor. I won’t go into full detail of the SPEAR System in this post as one could write a chapter or two in a book on the concepts of the SPEAR System, but what you see in the drill is that by keeping the elbow angles at an outside 90 and thus engaging the extensors the defender can generate a large amount of strength, enough to hold off the attack and giving them time to mount a counter defense. In the video the two people in the drill are of similar size, so it is hard to see how the effective the technique really is for self-defense. Having witness live drills where the defender was a small woman and the attacker a much larger male, all I can say is the technique works.

This is just one drilled covered during the training offered by Blauer Tactical Systems. You can learn about training opportunities in your at the PDR Team site.

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