Thoughts on 9/11

9 Years ago today, the world changed when planes slammed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the passengers flight United 93 fought back. I still get a swelling of emotions when watching the replays of the day, the towers coming down, listening to the names of those who died recited. Close to 3000 people died that day, innocent lives killed by those who didn’t lose sleep over this for in their eyes none of us are innocent.

One thing to remember is the type of people that launched this attacked, the believers in Islam and the destruction of those that refuse to bow to them, are still out there and would do something like this again if given the chance. There are moderated Muslims, there is no moderation in Islam, remember that.

One thing that irks me today is the conspiracy theory idiots, yes idiots, seem to think this is a great time to remind us all that our government was behind this event. As I said one word describes them, idiots. Take this from Dan Thompson on his Facebook status update today:

“would like to remind everyone to remember 9/11/01. Remember Building 7, remember the black boxes that “disappeared”, remember the lack of Air Force response. Question the “Official Story”, for it is riddled with inconsistencies and outright falsehoods. Remember. We must ask, always: Cui bono? Who benefitted? Remember. And ACT.”

The main thing riddled with holes and inconsistencies is the “evidence” put forth by these people. I could go point by point and show how people like these are off in their statements, with actual evidence, but it would fall on their deaf ears. For those of you that want to take the time to read up on this then check out the article Popular Mechanics did a few years ago on the myths surrounding 9/11. If you are really interested, Popular Mechanics expanded their original article into a book. The Learning Channel also put out a DVD on the collapse of The World Trade Center that is worth watching.

The biggest error the conspiracy idiots, err theorists make is the cherry picking of information. They’ll take 10,000 pages of documentation, hours upon hours of video and audio transcripts, and pick out that one paragraph or 10 seconds of videos that “proof” their case while ignoring the other 99.99999% of the data that doesn’t.

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