Dave Castro Is An Idiot

I’ve pointed out before that I am no fan of Crossfit Headquarters (CFHQ), for many reasons. I think Crossfit has some good fitness ideas, just the  people running it leave something to be desired. The latest comes from the the Crossfit Journal entry Roundtable in Tahoe: Outside Domination. Many just plain stupid statement were made at this round table, but Dave Castro takes the bonehead award with this statement about athletes outside of Crossfit trying to compete against Crossfitters:

“None of these guys are going to come in and do well without any CrossFit training. That will never happen,” Castro says. “They don’t have that mindset to push like CrossFitters do.”

Professional athletes don’t have the mindset to push themselves? I’m sure many would be surprised they lack the mindset to push themselves, to win Super Bowls, gold medals at the Olympics, or win the World Cup. Yeah Dave, they don’t have the mindset you do.

Fun reading some of the comments from the Crossfit Kool-Aid drinkers too.

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One Response to “Dave Castro Is An Idiot”

  1. JD says:

    Hey Blogger:

    I am a CrossFit Certified & Tested Level 1 Trainer….AND I COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE. Castro has a shit eating grin on his face and makes grand statements just like Glassman….they’re idiots….I have yet to affiliate. I love the training, however, I have recently been morphing into different domains due to what I view as indifference to the CF Regime a.k.a. self absorbed bullshit. My training is still inclusive of explosive power, various time domains, movements and so forth….just excluding the high rep Oly lifting. I see it all too often…A power snatch or a squat clean thrown in a random wod purely for the completion of a triplet. There in lies the danger of the CF day to day minutia. I like your site….keep up the great work. -JD