The masses and dim-witted

Crossfit Headquarters (CFHQ) announced changes to how people can qualify for the Crossfit Game. Main point was doing away with sectional qualifiers and going to on-line qualifications at that level. I’ll stay away from how silly this is if you want to be considered a “sport”, but think of how many sports out there on the professional level (baseball, football, basketball) that have teams or people qualify for their championships by having a video submission? What is this, “America’s Stupidest Home Videos?” There is a nice thread discussing these changes you can read through if you really care to do so.

If you have read the thread you probably came across Greg Glassman’s comment (founder of Crossfit) giving his thoughts on those that disagree with the changes:

“This entire fitness concept was launched amid near universal derision and consternation. I’m quite comfortable making unpopular decisions that irritate the masses and dim-witted. I’m proud of the decisions we’ve made, the deliberative processes we’ve engaged, and our track record generally.”

Kind of a nice thing to say to those that pay you money in some way or another isn’t it?  Many of us know that the whole “open-source” and all the other stuff that CFHQ says is mainly hot-air, CFHQ will listen and discuss things with you as long as you agree CFHQ is right and you are an idiot if you think otherwise. I’ve met Glassman before and heard him speak. He came across as a nice guy that had some information he wanted to share. But reading comments like this above makes him come across as an asshole in my opinion. This isn’t isolated either, many more comments, Glassman has many more comments like the above, not to mention kicking out any subject matter expert that doesn’t tow the CFHQ line 100%.

I don’t do Crossfit, I prefer doing a smarter training program focused on my goals. And I don’t knock people that want to do Crossfit. I would ask those people to stop and consider if they want to send money to someone that makes comments like the above about his customers? Even ig you go to an affiliate money is making its way back to CFHQ. You don’t need to pay anyone any money, especially the $100 a month or more so affiliates charge, you can do it in a home gym, at the local track, or youur local gym that charges you $10 a month. Just something to think about.

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