Women in Combat

This topic comes up from time to time in the US, and it is making the rounds again: Should women be allowed to serve in combat positions? Good question and here are my thoughts.

If no changes are made to the physical requirements to serve in a combat position, then I don’t have any issues. If a decision is made to lower the standards for women, or for everyone so that more women can pass the standards, then I have huge issues. On the battle field it won’t matter if it is a man or women but only that you can do the job. This may require hauling a heavy load over a long distance on foot. If a recruit can’t handle things like this then I don’t want them in a combat position where they could place their comrades at risk.

One thing the American public will need to prepare itself for if women are allowed to serve in combat positions is the pictures that could come out. Seeing dead women on the battlefield, possible sexual abuse of women POW’s. If you want women to serve in combat roles be prepared for things like this.

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