Tony Blauer’s High Gear and the Knock Off

If you are involved in self-defense, I mean really involved in understanding self-defense and violence, then at some point you should have come across the name Tony Blauer. Tony has been involved in training and educating people about violence and self-defense for many years and developed a product to help in training called High Gear.  Just to give a very brief overview High Gear allows for scenario-based training in a relatively safe manner.

Tony put in time, effort, and money to develop High Gear, and it gets great reviews from those that have used the gear. As often happens once something become successful, imitators will move into the market. One such imitator is Spartan. Before going into the history behind Spartan, lets look  at some pictures. First one is from Close Quarters Combat New York:

gh Gear vs. Spartan From Close Quarters Combat NY

Yes you should notice some similar things. Some minor cosmetic differences in the helmet but other then that it is very easy to think they are from the same person.

Tony Blauer also offered a picture showing what the other side of the two look like side by side:

Tony Blauer Showing High Gear next to Spartan's product

Again, some minor cosmetics changes but that is it.

The Spartan product was developed by Marc Joseph. Marc worked for Tony for several years and is his brother-in-law. Marc contracted with a company in Canada the was the original manufacturer of High Gear for Tony before he switched to a company in Virginia, and had them manufacture the Spartan Gear. No wonder the two look so much like each other.

Tony wrote a blog post on the Police One website that is worth reading. There are two threads on Facebook with lots of comments worth reading which can be found here and here.


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