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Sunday, July 24th, 2011

I’ve been reading postings from a proclaimed atheists on Facebook. I have no problem with someone being an atheist. nor if someone holds various religious viewpoints (as long as their goal isn’t too kill me). What I do have an issue with is when someone tries to argue their point without really understanding the issues.

Look, the Bible can be very complicated at times, especially when dealing with the Old Testament and various translations from the Greek and Hebrew languages. It is very easy to go into the Bible, pull out a couple of lines and say “Look how foolish this is! They believe in unicorns! They say the wife of a deceased husband should have sex with all of his brothers (it really doesn’t say, that last part is taken out of context from the laws of Levirate marriage).!”

If one is going to make any of those claims, or others, as examples as to what Christians or other religious groups belief, please do your homework. You should research the word “re’em” or how “sa‘ir” was translated into satyr in the King’s James version of the bible (sa‘ir is referring to wild goats, not a half-man/half-beast creature).

Once you do your research you can actually start to make an argument based on reason and logic. Just remember reason and logic cannot prove or disprove God as you are talking about faith. Lastly, don’t tell me you know all this stuff because your parents were “born-again Christians”. That is a logical fallacy of an argument if I ever heard one. My mom taught Sunday school but I won’t use that as a basis for defending my arguments.

Dear Netflix

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Thank you for adjusting your rates. I hated a good deal on getting streaming videos and DVD’s in the mail. Your new higher prices for someone like myself that probably watches 3 DVD’s a month is a much better deal.

Okay, enough for the sarcasm. Netflix raised their rates so I went streaming only and will get DVD’s/Blu-Ray discs as needed from Redbox. At the old rates I might have saved a little bit of money by doing this earlier. With the new rates it is a no brainer on saving some cash.

So thanks for helping me save some money and give a little extra cash to one of your competitors.