One thing I’ve noticed about this election

November 7th, 2012

Is the party of “tolerance” has none if you disagree with them. Take for example Angie Lee, a fitness expert in the New York area. Angie is a die hard liberal whose main concern is what the government is going to allow her to do with her vagina. I have no problem with that, there are single issue voters on both sides. But when you decide to call people haters, ignorant, and stupid because their political views different from theirs and they expect you to do whatever the ruling party says (as long as it is their party), what does that say about you as a person?

Nothing new here, liberals are always big on tolerance as long as it is their ideas and not yours.


Woodinville Bourbon Review

September 12th, 2012

I picked up a bottle of Woodinville Whiskey Co.’s bourbon to sample. I like bourbon, preferring it neat. Currently my “go to” bourbon is Maker’s Mark “46”, a great bourbon for the price in my opinion. I tend to drink bourbon neat, unless the alcohol content is high then I cut it with a bit of water,

The bourbon from Woodinville is 92 proof, on the edge of where I drink it neat or cut it. I tried the first glass neat and was hit with an overpowering alcohol taste. Okay, that isn’t going to work. The next day I tried cutting it with a bit of water. That handled the alcohol burn so I could experience the taste of the whiskey. And the taste? Bland, no depth to it at all. Huge disappointment. I’m chalking it up to lack of aging. Woodinville uses the smaller casks to age their whiskey, which does shorten the aging time as more whiskey is in contact with wood, but It doesn’t help the flavor at all.

I’ll advise people to be weary of this bourbon. For the price there are many other choices out there that have more character then this one. Even cheaper whiskeys are available that have a better taste profile. This goes on my do not buy again list.

PDR Certification

August 21st, 2012

For those interested in getting their Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) certification with Blauer Tactical Systems in 2013 the first set of courses have been announced for February 8-10, 2013. And for what must be a first there will be two certification courses running at the same time, east coast and west coast.

PDR 36 in Vienna, VA

PDR 37 in Carlsbad, CA

Don’t miss this chance if interested in becoming part of the PDR Team



June 30th, 2012

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled the individual mandate part of Obamacare constitutional under the power of Congress to level and collect taxes, an argument the Obama administration did not even attempt to make before the SCOTUS. I have a hard time believing this reasoning.

Lets us say you go to purchase a car. You would be expected to pay various taxes on said purchases. Now what if the government said you need to pay a mandate if you didn’t purchase a car? Sound fair to you? The government would argue that requiring to either purchase a car or paying a fine for not purchasing one would lower the overall burden for everyone. In my mind I’m being forced to engage in an activity, whether I want to or not, hardly what I would call freedom.

Only hope now is for Congress to overturn this act, which would require a majority thinking this is a good idea and a President that would not veto such a law. Your vote counts this fall, toss the bums out that support Obamacare

SPEARTips on Vimeo

June 22nd, 2012

Tony Blauer has made some great interviews available on Vimeo. Be sure to check them out.

Tony Blauer’s Summer Combatives Camp

May 2nd, 2012

Want to learn more about the SPEAR system and train with some great people? Well here is your chance. Tony is holding is Annual Summer Combatives Camp this August 4-5, 2012, at CrossFit Rubicon in Vienna, VA. Go enroll now.

Podcast Interview with Tony Blauer

February 21st, 2012

Something to check on the The Human Path podcast, Tony talking about How To Survive a Violent Encounter.


PDR 32 in Cambridge, MA

January 2nd, 2012

Interested in becoming a Personal Defense Readiness Coach? If so then you might want to check out PDR 32 in Cambridge, MA. The course is scheduled for March 23-25, 2012. There are requirements for being a PDR coach so be sure to check them out.

This is a great way to learn more about Tony Blauer’s system.

Finding a PDR Coach

December 1st, 2011

Some of you might have stumbled across this website via a web search and would like to find someone in your area to learn more about the program.  The first place to look is the Personal Defense Readiness website. You can also find out more information about the program there as well as links to many other resources. In addition below are some links to the direct sites of some PDR coaches:

Those in the Manchester, England area can check out PDR Manchester

In Denmark we have Terje Søgaard Theiss and PDR-Denmark

In Rochester, NY area Ryan Fredericks has Close Quarters Combat New York

Also in the New England area we have Active Defense Personal Training ran by Jake Steinmann

And one last one is NOVA Self Defense located in Arlington, VA.

And of course there is me and Combating Violence, located in Moses Lake, WA

These are just a few of the PDR coaches out there. As mentioned, check the PDR Team web site for a complete list


DVD Review: Be a Good Bad Guy

November 29th, 2011

One issue I often see in self-defense training is the lack of realism, especially on the part of the attacker. More then once I’ve seen a demonstration where the attacker (aka the bad guy) tosses a punch and then holds the punch out there while the defender does his thing. Think about this: Does this really help the defender?

If your answer is “no” then Tony Blauer has a video that can help you out. Actually Tony has a lot of good videos but the one on this subject is “Be a Good Bad Guy, Secrets to Great Role-Playing“. Now this isn’t your D&D type of role-playing, but rather tips on how an attacker should behave in order to help people learn self-defense tactics.

This is a short DVD at only 35 minutes, but Tony gives enough information to get you started. He points out the importance of how good role-playing helps the defender learn to spot pre-contact cues, learn to spot openings, and know how an attacker will respond to your tactics, just to name a few things. Tony and his instructor show both good and bad role-playing to give you an idea of not only what you should do, but what you shouldn’t do. The DVD moves along at a pretty good pace and as such it is one you should watch a couple of times to absorb.

Is the DVD for everyone? I would suggest it if you teach self-defense courses, and to those that are just interested in the subject on role-playing a bad guy. If you often help out in teaching self-defense and serve as an attacker then it is something you might want to check out too.