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Dreams of Catherine Brown

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Many years ago I lived in the Bay Area of California and used to visit a night club in Vallejo called Josey Wales. Don’t bother looking for the club it is closed down now. I went there one night with a buddy after a Lynard Skynard concert, so it was late on a Saturday, around midnight. I danced several times with a tall slender blond named Catherine Brown. Dancing was all we did, tried making small talk but wasn’t getting nowhere so just enjoyed the dancing.

The following Friday I was sitting around with one of my roommates drinking some beer. I was “Jack Tripper” at this time, living with two females named Sue and Janet. The phone rings, Sue answers it, and says it for me. Turns out it was Catherine and her words after me saying “Hello” were “Get your ass down here I need someone to dance with!” Shocking part was I never got her number and I never gave her mine. She asked around at the bar till she found someone that knew me and got my number from them. And yes, I did get my ass down there.

Thus begin a unique experience for me. Catherine was what you call a “free spirit”. You knew where you stood with her as she always (and I mean always) spoke her mind. That made for some interesting nights at Josey Wales.We never had a sexual relationship, although I made an attempt at one once, but got brushed off. She loved to intimidate people, not physically but with the force of her personality. And what a strong personality she had. One thing she liked about me was I was never intimidated by her.

We spent a lot of time together, either dancing at Josey Wales or I would go over to her place and we would drink wine, eat green apples, and listen to Mozart. Catherine loved Mozart. I even took her to her first opera, “The Marriage of Figaro” at the San Francisco Opera House (June 19, 1991, 7:30 PM, still got the ticket stub) That night really stuck in my memory. Catherine was the type that tended to not wear make-up or dress-up, jeans and a t-shirt were her thing. That suited me fine. For the opera she got “dolled up” and while I always found her very attractive she looked totally different with her hair all done up and dressed in a nice black dress.

As I said, spent a lot of time with her and her son Anthony. Even when she was dating other guys she still found time to spend with me. Sure that pissed her boyfriend off. But as happens in life I ended up moving 3000 miles away, Catherine ended up moving, getting married, and we lost touch. I’ll take the blame for losing touch, some bad decisions on my part.

But last night I had a dream of Catherine. Why I have no idea. No trigger I can think of as I hadn’t been listening to Mozart or “Friends in Low Places” (she loved dancing to that song). This dream was a little strange. She stilled looked the same, and at the start of the dream she was like a said, bold forceful personality. We were hanging at in someone’s house, not sure who’s house, but we were there. I can’t recall everything that happened but at one point we were talking and she leaned into me and kissed me gently on the lips. This was kind of strange as the one time we kissed it wasn’t gentle. As I said, forceful personality, even while kissing.

The dream then jumped to us sitting at a dinner table in a dinner party type sitting. Maybe 8 or 10 people at the table. Catherine was sitting next to me and whispering something. I could only catch part of it. Heard my name and about me being the one. Then like in all good dreams my alarm clock went off.

What does this all mean? No idea. I’m really not sure why I’m writing this. Maybe some outside hope that she’ll find this post and say hi. Who knows. Just felt like I needed to post this though.