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He has a lot to learn

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

You can always tell the new kool-aid drinker to Crossfit. A prime example is one Erich Anderson in a post he made on the CF boards:

“Censoring is what china does, not crossfit.”

Actually Erich Crossfit HQ is very good at censoring those that voice a disagreement with them, much like China. Even posting something CFHQ (Crossfit Headquarters) doesn’t like can get you censored, like one of my last posts on the boards. You can also check out the post made by Emergent Fitness on why they are leaving Crossfit.

Crossfit has some good affiliates out there doing some good programming. Others do not so good programming (main site being one of them). But censorship is something CFHQ  does very well.

I’ve Been Naughty

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I spend some time hanging out on the Crossfit message boards, reading posts to learn more, asking and answering questions. The typical message board stuff.

This morning I posted a link to a blog post by Robb Wolf. Of course posting links to Robb Wolf’s site on the CF boards is a no-no, just like posting links to Starting Strength, so I used to post the link. Now all of my posts have to undergo moderator approval before showing up.

Their boards, their rules, just find it amusing.

And the pot calling the kettle black award goes to

Monday, June 8th, 2009

backscatter712 on the site. backscatter712 has decided, like many liberals do, to censor what others may see or hear. All of course helping Jonah Goldberg prove the point he made in Liberal Fascism.

I will add that others have denouced his attempts, like they rightly should. Kudos to them.