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Cypersecurity, privacy, and you

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

First, in the internet age online privacy is pretty much an illusion. The main safety net is trust and I tend to trust people online about as far as I can throw them. This is my leadin to President Obama’s cyberdefense plan. Privacy advocates will be watching closely for any infringement on what they say to be against personal privacy. All good and well, and the President has even attempted to booster his standing amongst privacy advocates by saying things such as:

“will not — I repeat, will not — include monitoring private sector networks or Internet traffic.”

Which pretty much puts a big dent into any cyberdefense initiative. Private sector networks and inthe internet is the big hole that people, which I use to include other countries, use to launch attacks against computer networks. If you can’t plug or at least monitor this hole then your cyberdefense plan makes for a great PR statement but isn’t going to work in the real world.

Cyberdefense / security is a big issue, and needs to be addressed. Addressing it in a way that will actually provide a reasonable measure of defense while statisfying privacy advocates is what they call the devil in the details.