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More on Open Carry Texas

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

The NRA has come out with a statement of the groups pushing for open carry in Texas, which I think is right on the mark. These groups claim they are helping our Second Amendment rights but they aren’t. Some people may remember the John Birch Society (they still exist) and how early on the conservative wing of the Republican party welcomed them. But soon the looniness of the Bircher’s came out and the conservative movement rightly denounced them and drove them out. The fact that lately they have been letting them back into the party is another issue.

Supporters of the Second Amendment should denounce those supporters of open carry that want walk into a business, in mass, to show their support for open carry. In talking with many members of this group they seem not to be able to see any other way to spread their message. To those we need to expose them for the nuts they are and let people know they don’t represent the majority of firearm owners.

I say this as a firearm owner, a person that carries a firearm (concealed) for self-defense, and has taught firearm classes to others so they could get a carry permit.

Open Carry and Chilpotes

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Recently the restaurant chain Chilpotes stated they weren’t going to allow open carry of firearms in their stores, much like Starbucks has already done. As a Second Amendment supporter many might think I would be angry for these companies implementing “gun free zones” (or like I like to call them “target rich environments”) in their stores, but I don’t. I see the business decision they are making and don’t have any issues with them. My issue is with some of the open carry supporters out there.

Many people that support open carry use their brains. They know there is a time and place where open carry isn’t an issue and other times where it wouldn’t be the best thing to do, and they choose wisely. Others keep their brain disengaged from the entire process and think they can carry everywhere they want and by doing so they are “educating” others about open carry.

No they aren’t, they are jackasses they are doing just as much to destroy our Second Amendment rights as some of the anti-gun groups out there. Think about it, Starbucks and Chilpotes never had an issue with people open carrying a firearm (where legal) in their stores. The laws said they could so no biggie to the stores. Until that is some in the open carry movement decided it would be a great idea to go to a Starbucks in mass. Now the average person is just in there to get their caffeine and sugar dose when they see a group of people coming in caring firearms. Not just handguns mind you, some are carrying rifles too. How do you think this customer feels? Damn right if you said scared and worried. Starbucks and now Chilpotes doesn’t want to lose these customers as there are more of them around then the open carry crowd so bye-bye firearms in their stores.

So to those in the open carry movement that pull acts like this, thinking you are educating others and helping out, you are not doing either, you are making things worse. I sometimes wonder if these are perhaps people in the anti-Second Amendment camp seeing a great way to get rid of firearms.

High Mountain Hunting Supply

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Below is a copy of a letter I am sending to High Mountain Hunting Supply located in Wenatchee and Moses Lake, WA. My advice to people is to not do business with this unethical company.

To the Management

On March 1 I purchased a used Glock 26 from your Moses Lake store. During the purchase process the store personal were unable to locate the case and additional magazines that come with the handgun. I was told they “swore” it was around here and they would contact me once it was located. I made a comment about wanting to be sure to get the two extra magazines that the firearm comes with from Glock. I was told that Glock only ships the Generation 4 handguns with two magazines now, not three.

This raised my suspicion as only a few months earlier I purchased a Generation 4 Glock 21 and it came with 3 magazines. Thinking that maybe Glock changed their policy I asked around on some internet forums popular with Glock fans and was told by all that all Glock’s ship with 3 magazines and that Glock had recently sent out memos to all dealers informing them of this and not to short customers on the magazines. Knowing the internet is not always right I followed up with an email to Glock and was informed that all Glock’s come with 3 magazines.

This makes me question the integrity of your company. Could you really not find the case and extra magazines and sold them on the side? If you would short customers on a new purchase why not on a used purchase. As it has been a couple of days with the Moses Lake store having no luck in finding the case and additional magazines I’m writing it off as a lesson learned on my part, the lesson being the lack of integrity with your company. This lesson has taught me not to do further business with your company and to inform all that I can as to the manner in which your company conducts business. If you think I am in error I would welcome speaking with you. My contact information is at the top of this letter.

Letter from Glock

Letter from Glock

Concealed Carry in Maine

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

As a disclaimer, I’m a supporter of the Second Amendment, life member of the NRA, a certified NRA instructor for basic pistol, and teach handgun safety courses in the state of Maine. To carry a concealed firearm in Maine requires that you have a license to do so, and it applies only to firearms and not other types of weapons.

Recently there have been some bills introduced to change some of the laws around carrying a concealed firearm in the state. Some of these laws may be a good idea, but there were some around the area of where you can carry that I think are really boneheaded.

First the easy one. One proposal is to allow the carrying a firearm in your place of employment. My opinion is that this should totally be up to the company and not a blanket policy. The argument I’m sure I’ll hear will be around workplace shootings and the need to protect yourself in such a situation. The question I’ll ask is how often does that happen? Look at the number of places of employment here in the US and compare that to the number of shootings that take place each day. It would be far easier and safer to reduce these numbers through better pre-employment screening and procedures when an employee is fired.

Another area where they want to allow concealed is at the site of a labor dispute. Hmm, emotions never run wild there and never been a history of violence at labor disputes in the past, seems perfectly fine to me. To clarify this one it means that would be legal to carry a firearm to place where you can apply for a job where the employer is in a labor dispute, strike, or lockout. Currently only law enforcement officers or licensed security guards can carry in such a location. I would love to hear the reasoning behind changing this policy.

The last one is the one that really raises my eyebrow. The change would allow the holder of a concealed firearms license to carry a concealed firearm into an establishment serving alcohol for consumption on the premises (i.e. a bar). So, lets take one of the major areas where violence happens in this country, and let a person carry a concealed firearm into said place. First off, if I thought I needed to have a firearm on me in a certain bar I wouldn’t be going to that bar. Now when people do what Rory Miller calls the “monkey dance“, it just won’t be fist and kicks, maybe a beer bottle or two, now when the smaller monkey gets pushed to the floor by the bigger monkey he can equalize the situation with his friend Col Colt. I just see a recipe for bad things happening with this law change.

These are just my opinion. People are welcome to argue an opposing viewpoint.

Thoughts On The Open Carry Issue

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

First off, I believe the Second Amendment is recognizing an individual right to keep and bear arms. I’m a life member of the NRA. I teach a handgun safety course for those looking to get a concealed firearm permit in my state. I’m not against open carry of a firearm provided it is not breaking any laws.

That all said, I would call those that are looking to make a statement by exercising their right of “open carry” of a firearm to political events where President Obama is present as complete idiots. Is this really the best way you can think of to make a statement about the Second Amendment? Stop and think a minute about the message you are sending and how it will be seen by the average citizen that could be swayed one way or the other. I’m willing to bet that the majority of the people would be saying “what the hell is that idiot doing?”