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Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

President Obama calls the Supreme Court ruling easing campaign spending by corporations and labor unions “devastating”. Easing restrictions on free speech is devastating? Saying that the First Amendment protects political free speech for all Americans is devastating?

Funny how it is the Democrats, those that want to stand up for the rights of the people find this “devastating”.

“It ain’t no more, okay?”

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

This was the response of one Officer Wesley Cheeks at a town hall meeting in Reston, VA. What was officer Cheeks responding to? One of the protesters had a sign that he didn’t like and told him to put it down (because officer Cheeks makes the law don’t you know). To this the protesters said “This used to be America!”, prompting officer Cheeks response.

Michelle Malkin has a video on her site of the incident. If officer Cheeks is heavily reprimanded then this is an ugly sign of the times.

Update: Wesley Cheeks Jr., is part of the Fairfax County Public Schools’ trained School Security Officer team and not a police officer.