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Thoughts on UFC 100

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

This Saturday is UFC 100, Frank Mir versus Brock Lesnar. Mir won the first time these two met by submitting Lesnar 1:30 into the first round. I’m betting that Lesnar has improved since then. So who will win?

For Mir to win he has to get Lesnar emotional. Some may think that getting someone built like Lesnar emotional is suicidal, but if Lesnar gives into emotions then his head is outt of the game. If this happens Mir has a good chance of submitting Lesnar.

For Lesnar to win he needs to keep it a stand up fight. I’ve heard how improve Lesnar’s Jiu-Jitsu skills are, but it doesn’t matter. If Lesnar wants to fight a Jiu-Jitsu ground game then he is fighting the fight  Mir wants to fight. Make your opponent fight your game, don’t fight his game.

Who do I think will win? Tough call, I think Mir will squeeze a win out. I also cheering for Mir.