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President Obama Fires Inspector General

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

President Obama first demanded the resignation of Inspector General Gerald Walpin. Walpin reminded the President that he is not a political appointee and would not resign. Thus President Obama fired him.

What makes this a story is that Walpin had the nerve to investigate a major supporter of the President, Kevin Johnson for fraud in his program St. HOPE. St. HOPE received money from the AmeriCorps program and was found to have used these funds for such things as having Johnson’s car washed. St. HOPE agreed to repay about half of the $850,000 it recieved from AmeriCorps.

This being the age of Obama, when can ot question or accuse one of his followers. Flogging or tar and feathering doesn’t look too good in public so firing a person with such audcity is the next big thing. No worries, I’m sure the President will spin this to look good for him and the mainstream media will play along.