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The Barnes and Noble “Nook”, A Kindle Killer?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

I don’t have an Amazon Kindle, but have been eying one. I enjoy reading and an ebook reader would be perfect for me. My plan was to wait for the prices to keep dropping then pick up a Kindle.

Now Barnes and Noble has released their ebook reader, the Nook. Reading the features I’m glad I didn’t purchase a Kindle. Seeing the pictures, looking at the features, all I can say is move over Kindle.

Of course my goal on the Kindle was to wait for it to hit the $200 price point. I’m going to wager that the Kindle will come out with a new version and prices will continue to drop. So right now I would purchase a Nook, but once that $200 price point nears I’ll have to re-examine the market.

Capitalism is goo.