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The Red State

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Kevin Smith’s latest movie, “The Red State”, is coming out soon. My prediction is based on Smith’s antics at the Sundance Film Festival is that even Smith knows the movie isn’t that good.

Smith is best known for one movie, Clerks, and after that seeing how many jokes about masturbation he can fit into one film. The problem with this approach is Smith is finding it doesn’t pay a lot of movie nor make a lot of movie. Smith has a built in audience of people that will see anything he puts out, but has problems trying to expand beyond that circle The movie “Cop Out” was his last attempt and how well did that one do? Well enough where Smith tries to push part of the blame onto Bruce Willis for the movie failing.

I like some of Smith’s works; “Clerks”, “Chasing Amy”, “Dogma”. and even had fun watching “Mallrats.” But “Clerks 2”? “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”? You could take 10 minutes of the highlights from these films, put them on a loop for 99 minutes, and pretty much have the same movie, and they would probably still make as much money.

So come on Smith, buckle down and think about the writing. Get something good out there. I think you still have it in you.

Natalie Portman to Star in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

All I can say is “cool”

Next there should be a book combining “Gone with the Wind” and zombies. You could go two routes with this one: Civil War is caused by the issue of zombie slavery or the Union army is made up of zombies invading the south.

Why “The Watchmen” Dropped at the Box Office

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

First off, “The Watchmen” was a good movie. Good visuals and pretty faithful to the most popular grpahic novel of all time.  So why the huge drop at the box office in week number 2?

First off, the movie was pushed as a super hero movie. It really isn’t, the story goe much deeper and darker then that. How do you advertise a dark movie that relly pokes at the human physch? Well you advertise it as a super hero movie and hope no one notices.

The next thing is the R rating. Some complaints I’ve heard was that the sex and the violence of some of the fight scenes were way overboard. My thoughts, these people were right. You can show fight scenes without getting heavy intot he gore. And you can do alot with suggestion in letting people know that sex is taking place. Addressing these issues would not have changed the sotry and maybe got the film done to a PG-13 rating.

The final item I’ll address is that the movie is pretty faithful to the graphic novel. This is both a good (for the fans of the graphic novel) and bad. Another complaint I heard was people trying to figure out what the heck was all going on there. Well in the graphic novel it was easy for the writer to explain things, much harder to do in a movie. This tends to go for any book that has depth to it when trying to make a movie out of it, hard to translate tot he screen.

That all said, I’m waiting for the DVD to come out with the all the extra features. I might even see the movie once ore on the big screen. Then again I am fan of the grpahic novel.