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Some Football Thoughts

Monday, December 27th, 2010

No surprise that Mike Singletary is gone from the 49’ers, just wasn’t doing anything.

Giants get my vote for biggest collapse at season end.

Seahawks could win the NFC West and make the playoffs with a record of 7-9, go Hawks!

I was impressed with Sam Bradford in the first game of the year, he looked like a professional quarterback. He should get rookie of the year.

Glad Time Tebow is getting some playig time to show what he is made of. He will be a good quarterback and seems to have the respect of his teammates already. I wish the Seahawks would have drafted him.

Speaking of the Seahawks, linemen and a quarterback should be the concerns in the off season and for the draft.

Looks Like The Seahawks Didn’t Blow It

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

This year’s NFL draft is done and in my opinion, and many others, the Seattle Seahawks did well. Picked up a much needed tackle in  Russell Okung and help in their secondary with the selection of Earl Thomas. Seattle had many areas that needed addressing and Pete Carroll and company did a great job of filling those needs.

Even int he later rounds they got some good picks. Golden Tate gives them some help in the receiving corps, and more defensive picks in later rounds. Add in some trades for running backs and the only area they really didn’t address was a quarterback of the future. If Matt Hasselbeck stays healthy, which Okung should help in making sure he does, then this may not have needed addressing in the draft.

Looking forward to the start of the season, go Seahawks!