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Way too much money

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple has introduced a new product, Primal Fuel. Now before I give my thoughts on this product I want to make two things.

First I like Sisson’s book “The Primal Blueprint“. I’ve read it and have suggested it to others as I’ve found a lot of good information in the book. The second point is that I have not tried Primal Fuel but for the points I want to make that is irrelevant.

Primal Fuel is a whey protein supplement, often used either as a meal replacement or for a quick jolt of protein post workout. Primal fuel contains the following ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Coconut Milk, Inulin (from artichoke), Guar Gum, Sucrose, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavors, Maltodextrin, Sodium Caseinate, Kelp Plant Extract, and Stevia Leaf Extract. The most unusual thing I see is the inclusion of coconut milk. I’m not aware of any other whey protein supplement that contains coconut milk. A 30 serving container of Primal Fuel will set you back $99.

For a comparison I looked at a couple of other whey protein supplements out there. First on the list is Jarrow Formula Whey Protein, Caribbean Chocolate. Looking at its list of ingredients: 100% Ultrafiltered Whey Protein from milk, fructose, natural cocoa powder, natural semi-sweet chocolate, lecithin (from soy), guar gum, Fibersol-2 (resistant maltodextrin), vanilla flavor and Lo Han Guo (Momordica grosvenorii) and sells for $18.17, offering 35 servings Very similar except for the lack of coconut milk. Another one is Natural Factors 100% Natural Whey Protein. It is composed of Whey Protein Natural French vanilla flavor and guar gum and sells for $29.37 and has 45 servings.

So here we see two products offering more servings at a lower cost, with the main difference being the lack of coconut milk. If you really want coconut milk you can buy a can pretty cheap, add a few ounces to one of the above products,, top off with milk or water, and still have a much cheaper product that offers the same benefits.

Sisson has some good information, but when I look at the supplements he is selling under the “Primal” brand I just find products that you can purchase at a much lower cost at many other places. Even that nice over-priced local GNC store has supplements of the same formulation at a cheaper price. Save your money and purchase your supplements elsewhere is my advice.

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Saturday, December 12th, 2009

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