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Dear T-Mobile

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

It is great that you are pushing your “4G” network. I use the quote marks as most people know your network doesn’t meet the definition of 4G, but it is fast. While you are rolling out this new network, what about those of us stuck on your older network?

I’m not referring to your 3G network but rather your 2G network. Some of us T-Mobile customers would love to move up to even to 3G network speeds. Now I could upgrade to a 3G network if I wanted to switch to AT&T,  Sprint, U.S. Cellular, or Verizon, all which offer 3G service in the area where I live.

I’ve placed calls, contacted your online support, and even wrote letters asking when I can expect an upgrade in my area. I would expect just a standard boilerplate answer of “we are continuously upgrading our network to bring you better service” but I just get silence.

Well T-Mobile, when can those of us that live in areas that could get 3G service from your competitors get it from you? Or is your silence a hint we should just switch carriers?