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November 3 Ballot in Maine

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Here are my thoughts on some of the major questions for citizens of Maine this November 3.

Question 1: People’s Veto (Gay Marriage)

Twice the people of Maine have voted down gay marriage, but the Democratic legislatures and governor didn’t like that so passed a law anyways. This is a citizen’s veto to repeal the law. On principle I’m voting yes on this because the people of Maine have spoken more than once on this issue. Second, Maine has a domestic partner law that already covers much in this area. Finally for me as a Catholic marriage is a religious insitution. Put forth a civil union for gays and I would support it but marriage, no way.

Question 2: Citizen’s Initiative (Excise Tax)

I’m all for lowering taxes, and our vehicle excise taxes are already high. I might be willing to support this initiative if it didn’t exclude hybrid or other alternative energy vehicles. The excise tax is suppose to go towards the maintenance of roads, last I checked hybrids still use roads and cause wear and tear on them.Just lower the tax for all with no exemptions and you got my vote, ut as is I’m voting no.

Question 4: Citizen’s Initiative (TABOR)

Limit government growth to population growth and inflation? Got my vote.